Comply with current laws, where necessary adopting international standards and directives where there is no adequate legislation.

Respect human rights, especially those that combat the degradation of workers’ collectives, rejecting forced or mandatory labour.


Develop a framework of labour relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment and facilitating communication amongst the entire human team.

Encourage work/family balance, given that it a foundation for attracting and retaining the talent in our current and future workforce, designing specific management models.


Promote transparency and the rules of the free market, rejecting bribery, corruption and other types of practices used to obtain business advantages, respecting the rules of free competition.

Develop responsible practices in the value chain, establishing transparent, objective and impartial processes with our suppliers and providing users with all the relevant information about the services that are offered.


Encourage a culture of respect for our natural surroundings, reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities, defending biodiversity and promoting training and information in this culture.

Open up routes for communication and dialogue with collectives linked to the company’s activities, to harmonise company values with social expectations.


Transmit true and relevant information about our activities, subjecting them to internal and external verification processes that ensure that they can be trusted and encourage continuous improvement.


Adopting a quality management system is a strategic decision for Grupo Incoma. We have implemented our own quality system to create trust amongst our customers and other stakeholders who, despite not being involved in the project, need to see that their expectations of legality, sustainable development, etc. are complied with.

This approach has prepared us to compete internationally in the quality standards sought in each project.


“every degree of warming matters”

More than 70 countries have come together to promote neutral carbon emissions by 2050. Spain is one of the countries that aspires to be climatically neutral by the middle of this century; to meet this commitment, the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted in 1990 has to be reduced by at least 90% in 2050.

The 2050 objective shall not be possible without the total involvement of companies, social organisations and the general public working alongside the State. The strategy of Grupo Incoma sets out to achieve “a modern, competitive and climatically neutral economy in 2050”.

GRUPO INCOMA has got involved, and we have implemented environmental management in all our processes. We are aware, and we have trained the entire team to make environmental management a cross-cutting feature in all areas and departments, but at the same time we want to communicate our concern and environmental commitment to our surroundings.

Besides meeting environmental regulations, our objectives include reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, caring for our water, the land, sound levels, etc., to put it simply, we want to protect our natural resources.

Occupational risk prevention

Our concern for the health and safety of the workers at Grupo Incoma goes way beyond just complying with occupational health and safety legislation.

We deal with the risks and opportunities in our company thanks to the participation and consultation with all the members of the organisation. Everyone, from the top down, is committed to minimising risks.

Occupational risks prevention in our company is fully integrated into all its activities and decisions, into its processes, the way it organises projects and their working conditions.