Companies are made of people, they are the most valuable asset, far more so than any other input. We like to acknowledge the good work done by each team member, because we care as much about our team as we do about our clients; we invest in continuous training and reward professional development without forgetting the importance of work/life balance.


We are fully aware that the value we generate for our customers depends on our team, which is made up of professionals who work towards the same end and use the principles of responsibility, cooperation and specialisation. 95% of our team are university graduates and we are firmly committed to the best in continuous training.

Grupo Incoma is committed to capturing the best talent to be found amongst young people at universities and the best business schools, and to do this we have agreements with a large number of higher education centres. We offer training opportunities with internships inside the company that combine training and responsibilities. We are committed to senior talent, with the experience and knowledge that it can offer our company. We like to be surrounded by professionals full of enthusiasm, initiative and commitment; active, resolute and flexible people, with a proven capacity to work in multidisciplinary teams with a highly professional outlook for today and tomorrow.

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